Meet our leaders!

There are many people involved in the ministries of Fleetwood Bible Church, both up-front and behind the scenes. Meet our current Elders, Ministry Directors and Staff.
When you see them, thank them for their service!

Elder Board

Dave Crossett 
Ken Kistler 
Phil Farrar 
Kris Nygard 
Matt Gambler 
Matt Werley 

Ministry Directors

Steve & Darleen Burkholder - Kitchen
Mary Crespo - Nursery
Chad & Angela Fink - OCC Coordinators
Zach Kantner - Worship Leader
 (Contemporary Service)
Robin Naugle - Library
Pete Roussel - Security
Deloros Trumbauer - Golden Sisters
Tim Burns - Men's Ministry
Dan Dougherty - Stewardship
Sharon Heffner - Worship Ministry 
(Traditional Service)
Sonya Naugle - Prayer Ministry
John Sloan - Lawn Care
Pat Trembley - Women's Ministry 
Deana White - Friends of Jesus
Honduras Feeding Project
Denise Coleman - First Impressions 
Doug Ehrhardt - Adult Sunday School
Jeff & Bev Hummel  - World Outreach
Jack MacArthur - Property 
Dave Radcliffe - Production
Julie Toucher - Ladies Discipleship
Ken White - Young Adults Ministry

Church Staff

Pastor Marcos Crespo - Next Generation Ministries (Youth and Children)
Bev Hummel - Financial Secretary 
Diane Reed - Office Secretary
Eli Werley - Pastoral Intern
Heidi Foreman - Communications
Eileen Kistler - Office Manager
Tracy Schwenig - Custodian
Rachel Wiswesser - Office Assistant
Ken Kistler 
Pastor Nathanael Naugle - Executive Pastor
Pastor Drew Toucher - Senior Pastor