When we reopen...


  • Due to the Coronavirus, the FBC building has been closed since March 15. We have been blessed through technology and through the lives of individual believers to see that the CHURCH never closed at all.  Instead, it simply “left the building”.
  • With that said, we are excited to announce that on Sunday, June 14, the Sunday morning services & adult Sunday School classes. Both services and all classes will be streamed online.
  • Sunday services will be streamed on Facebook Live, while Sunday School classes will be available on Zoom. While we are doing our best to take precautions, we cannot guarantee everyone’s safety as we return to the building.  For that reason, we encourage you to assess whether you may be at-risk.  Think and pray carefully to make the best decision for your family and return when you are comfortable.
  • Let GRACE abound! The leaders of FBC have never experienced a global pandemic before, so please have patience with us through this process.  Please also understand that we don’t know all the details about anybody else’s situation.  Instead of judging those who feel differently, let’s choose to love one another, extend grace to one another, and remain unified as a body.  This will demonstrate the grace and power of God to a world that is watching how we respond.  As we return to gathering in the church building once again, we realize that each family must make a decision based on personal convictions and their own unique situation.  Let’s commit to being considerate and respectful of the personal convictions of others.  We don’t want anyone to feel pressure to return before they are ready.  And we don’t want to keep people away longer than necessary.  It’s a delicate balance, and we have tried our best to chart a neutral, if slightly cautious, course.  We realize the potential exists for ANY decision to create division at a time like this, and we are praying for supernatural unity through such a time as this.  Please join us in praying for the unity of the Body… for God’s Word to impact lives… and for each of us to BE the Church, whether gathered or scattered.  We look forward to seeing each of you face to face, when the time is right for your family.  God’s Grace is big enough for ALL of us. 


  • The Sunday morning schedule will revert to our pre-COVID schedule, which includes 8:00 am traditional service, 9:30 Adult Sunday School, 10:30 contemporary service. The Sanctuary will not require masks, but we will be setting up the Fellowship Hall as a mandatory mask area and we will display the service there for both services. 
  • The front doors into the building, the side doors into the Fellowship Hall, and the sanctuary doors will be propped open for touchless entry. Greeters will welcome you from a safe distance and direct people to hand sanitizer as they enter the building. 
  • We will physically close pews and families can sit in the sanctuary in certain rows to maintain safe distance.
  • Hymnals and Bibles will be removed from the pews for sanitary reasons.
  • For this season, we will not hand out bulletins, but sermon notes can be accessed through the FBC App and announcements will be on scrolling slides and the weekly update.
  • We will not pass offering plates, but we will have boxes in the back of the Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall where you may place your offering as you leave. As always, online giving is also available.
  • Child-care will not be provided at this time, but the nursery will remain open for diaper changes and mothers who may have need of it. All children are welcome in the Sunday morning services, both in the Sanctuary and the Fellowship Hall. 
  • At this time, only Adult Sunday School will be opening in the building. Children’s and Youth Sunday School will remain closed.  Children ages 12+ are welcome to attend Adult Sunday School with their parents at the discretion of the parents. 
  • Sunday evening Youth Group will return to the building from 6-8 pm on July 5. Masks will not be required, but we ask that everyone maintain safe social distancing.  We will have a bonfire outdoors on July 5 to celebrate our return, and regular youth group will resume on July 12. 
  • Restrooms will have sanitizer outside the doors. Please use hand sanitizer before entering, and please thoroughly wash hands before exiting.
  • No drinks or snacks will be provided for the time being.
  • A cleaning team will be disinfecting high touch surfaces after each service.
  • Please stay at home if you are showing ANY signs of illness OR if you have been in contact over the last 14 days with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

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