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This March we welcome Pastor Randy Johnson to the pulpit at FBC!

Pastor Randy joins the staff at FBC as Senior Pastor and will be preaching from the book of Ruth for four weeks prior to Resurrection Sunday.

The Book of Ruth could have been the inspiration behind the script of the popular TV series This Is Us.  The show is about the everyday events of the Pearson family who deal with bereavement, strained relationships, marriage problems and just life. 

In the same way, our lives are episodes that ebb and flow from dramatic and extraordinary to devastating and dull.  If we’re not careful we could miss God working out His purposes in our lives.  We might wonder if God even knows who or where we are.  Our March message series, This Is Us, is a study through the Book of Ruth. It will help us see that God knows who we are and that He uses ordinary people like us to work out His plans.

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Week 1 -"Today’s Episode"

Life brings famine events that can devastate any person—regardless of age.  Because these times of desperation force us to make choices that can alter the direction of our lives, we often seek counsel from trusted sources.  This message will help us understand 3 things we often trust when famine events happen in life.

Week 2 -"The Best of Us"

Sometimes the choices we make end up in unexpected ways.  They get the best of us, rob us of joy and can cause us to become jaded or bitter.  Our minds play games that wreck our lives asking questions like, How will I survive? What am I to do?, or Does God--if there is one--even care? We can know that even when life gets the best of us, God deeply loves us and works to restore us in ways that we may never understand.

Week 3 -"Resting in God’s Providence"

God works behind the scenes of our lives in an episode we cannot see.  In His timing, He begins to show us hints of what He’s doing and how He may bring things to pass.  Because we only see a small part of His plan we can exhaust ourselves with countless thoughts of what ifs?  Today we’ll learn how we can rest in the providence of God.

Week 4 -"More than for you"      

Famine events happen; they force us to make choices. God works behind the scenes and we often ask, Why?  The Bible teaches us that God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are His ways our ways…meaning, we may never fully see the answer to the why questions of life.  This final message in the March series will help us understand that God has a purpose for our lives that is much bigger than ourselves. 


Join us Sunday mornings in March 2018. Service times are 8:00 & 10:30 am. See you then!