Student Camp

STUDENT CAMP is here for SUMMER 2020!

Question for youth ages 12 -18...HOW REAL IS YOUR FAITH?

With everything canceled for the summer and time at home being one of the only options you may have this summer, we invite you to come check out FBC’s Student Camp designed to strengthen and encourage the youth's walk with Jesus.

Four days, four meals, a t-shirt, notebook and nametag all included. We will have a message each day from 4 different speakers challenging us to own our faith and be recharged during this time of isolation. There will be games and time to relax and connect with new and old friends (What youth wouldn't go for that?? Add food and you've got a deal, right?!?)

The cost for this four day event is $20. Questions can be directed to Eli Werley at or call 610-789-9167 or Christian Lefko at or 610-621-6204.

The question, "How real is your faith?" will be the focus of this event. God has been doing some amazing things during this quarantine; things that require faith. We are all in this together and we need each other but without a real faith in Jesus, we will find ourselves wanting and doubting and fearing. A faith that sustains overcomes all of that. Join us as we discover what this "REAL FAITH" looks like and what is means to walk with Jesus in good and not-so-great times.

Student Camp will be held on FBC's campus, August 3- 6, 2020 from 5:00 - 9:00 pm - Rain or shine!


Sign-up today...Register here by July 26, 2020.