Serving Families with Special Needs Children

Serving our Families with Special Needs Children

Our goal at Fleetwood Bible Church is to make Jesus known to everyone we encounter. It is our top priority to reflect His love and treat others as he would treat them with love and respect. All children are precious and worth dying for. For this reason, we want to provide a welcoming, loving, accepting place where all families can feel empowered and encouraged to parent their children in all spiritual education. We want to partner with parents of families challenged with educational, behavioral and emotional situations in their homes, specifically, with their children with special needs.

We know that this often translates to modified expectations and flexibility in teaching practices (not to mention added measures of grace and gentleness.) We are dedicated to first, providing a safe place for all who enter, young and old and next, to support parents in all ways possible in the teaching and training of their children to come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior; all children.

We are committed to understanding each child's specific needs and cooperating with parents to support and maintain a consistent practices while they are in our care to foster a wonderful church experience where parents and children know they are loved.

We want to connect with you to collect some information about your child so that we can create a profile card for your child that explains a bit about your child's specifics and then, our KidMin team can work with you, the parent, to provide the best experience for your child and family when they are at FBC.

Please contact Diana Kelly with questions about this ministry at We can't wait to meet you and your fabulous child!