Practical Grace, Part 7: The Church of God's Dreams (Romans 12:9-13)

May 22, 2016 Series: Practical Grace: Living the Faith We Say We Believe (Romans 12)

Topic: Community Scripture: Romans 12:9–12:13

The seeker-sensitive church movement began nearly 50 years ago by well-intentioned pastors going door-to-door asking people why they didn’t go to church, and what it would take to get them back. Their approach was: “What do you want to see take place in the church? We’re setting out to create the church of your dreams.” But that approach is exactly backwards. It’s the tail wagging the dog. The question is not, “What do I want to see in the church?” The question is, “What does Jesus want to see in the church?” After all, it’s his church! Paul tells us in today’s passage that a local church is to be a family of believers who love like Jesus. When that happens, it will be the church of God’s dreams. And it will have a worldwide impact for the cause of Christ.