Practical Grace, Part 1: Totally Committed to Christ (Romans 12:1)

April 3, 2016 Series: Practical Grace: Living the Faith We Say We Believe (Romans 12)

Topic: Transformation Scripture: Romans 12:1–12:1

In the first eleven chapters of the book of Romans, the Apostle Paul sets forth a thorough description of our deep need for, and the deep riches of, God’s mercy in Jesus Christ. In chapter 12 he transitions to describing our appropriate response to this divine mercy. In light of the gospel, he says, believers should offer their bodies as “living sacrifices” to God, ones that are “holy and pleasing” to him. In short, Paul is calling for a total commitment to the same Savior who totally committed himself to us at the cross. In view of God’s mercies, he argues, such a response would be “reasonable,” not extreme. Indeed, God’s mercy to us in the gospel is our motivation to be totally committed to Christ. Anything less is not worthy of the gospel.



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