The Incomparable Christ, Part 1: Transforming Power (John 2:1-11)

January 3, 2016 Series: The Incomparable Christ: Miracles of Jesus in the Gospel of John

Topic: Transformation Scripture: John 2:1–2:11

If you set out to create a myth about an awesome deliverer who could do amazing things, what would you invent as the inaugural feat of his career? If you were fabricating a biography about some great messianic legend—just making up stories to get people to believe in his power and glory—how would you begin your tale? A marvelous healing? A mighty exorcism? A mind-blowing resurrection? Jesus’ first miracle was to prevent a catering disaster! That’s not a likely place to start a landmark biography, but that’s what happened in history, so that’s how John recorded it. Before Jesus saved any souls, he saved a wedding reception. The story of Jesus changing the water to wine at Cana of Galilee shows us that Jesus is the promised messiah whose mission is your joy and transformation. At this particular wedding reception, Jesus functions in three different roles—as a guest, a son, and a host. What he did there was so marvelous, we’re still talking about it 2,000 years later.



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