Ministry Directors

Adult Sunday School

          Jeff Schlaybach and Doug Ehrhardt (

Children's Sunday School

          Eileen Kistler (Email:

Prayer Ministry

          Currently Vacant (Email:

Nursery Ministry

          Cheryl Crossett (Email:

Children’s Ministry

          Heidi Foreman (Email:

Youth Ministry

          Pastor Drew Toucher (Email:

Young Adult Ministry

          Ken White (Email:

Men’s Ministry

          Tim Burns (Email:

Women’s Ministry

          Pat Trembley (Email:

Music & Worship Ministry

          Kris Nygard (Email:
          Sharon Heffner (Email:

Production Ministry

          Zach Kantner (Email:

Community Groups Ministry

          Currently Vacant (Email: with questions) 

Library Ministry

          Robin Naugle (Email:

Counseling Ministry

          Pastor Nathanael Naugle (Email:

Deacon Family Care Ministry

          Pastor Nathanael Naugle (Email:

Fellowship & Hospitality Ministry

          Myles Wagner (Email:
          Betty Wagner (Email:

Property Ministry

          Jack MacArthur (

Security Ministry

          Pete Roussell (Email:

Community Outreach Ministry

          Karen Favata (Email:

World Outreach Ministry

          Jeff Hummel (Email:
          Bev Hummel (Email: