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Who missed freeBAY?? Seriously...we still have all this stuff; stuff others can use and we need to get it to them!

Our solution....freeMARKET!


freeMARKET is a freeBAY Outdoor Market, scheduled for July 18, 2020. This is meant to be a low key, subdued freeBAY event. We understand that the time of year is not ideal for many reasons. This is a TEMPORARY fix to replace our Spring freeBAY.

Set up like a flea market with individual tables sharing a variety of items, each REGISTERED person/group will be assigned 2 parking spaces and we will bring you the number of tables you request (3 max). You may park one vehicle in that space between 7:00- 8:00 am. Set-up will begin at 7:00 am and shopping will commence at 8:00 am. Feel free to bring signage, a tent for shade, chairs etc. Members and FBC attendees can "shop" anytime (Before the community will be admitted.)  

Community members will be invited to "shop" around 11:00 am (possibly earlier depending on the amount of sign-ups and items we have out.) Only regular attenders and members of FBC can set up a table to share their free goods. Items will be sorted on each individual's table(s) and varied from table to table, flea market style. Unfortunately, we will not be accepting donations from outside the church as we have in the past.

Tear down will be at 2:00 pm. (Feel free to leave whenever it slows down.) All items that are left over must be taken home. If you have clothing and shoes left there is a collection bin in our parking lot and the FHS parking lot. (Due to covid rules the bins are closed but this may relax by July.) A rain/extreme heat date is reserved for August 8th.

You must register by filling out this form or by contacting Karen Favata directly (number available through the fbcLINK) with your name and the number of tables you would like. ONLY regular attenders and members of FBC may register. Karen can be reached at with questions.

Additionally, we will be collecting canned goods for our local food bank. 

If you have stuff...we have a solution!