Community Outreach


“Love your neighbor as yourself.”
Matthew 22:39

Come and See, Go and Tell

Fleetwood Bible Church loves the people in the Borough of Fleetwood and the surrounding communities. We care about their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, and we want to see them flourish both in this life and the life to come.

Jesus said to his followers, “Freely you have received, now freely give” (Matthew 10:8b). Because of the great love we have received from God, our Community Outreach Ministry coordinates events to spread God’s love in real and tangible ways as we share the good news of Jesus Christ.

Some of these events are on site, and some of them are off site. After all, the central mandate of the first Easter was, “Come and see . . . Go and tell” (Matthew 28:6-7, 10). As followers of Christ, our lives have a rhythm of gathering and scattering. We gather on site to be fed, inspired, and challenged spiritually, and we scatter off site to be channels of blessing to others in our community.

Community Outreach Events

Some of our community outreach events include:

  • freeBAY Give & Take
  • Fleetwood Area Food Pantry
  • Hosting of the Mobile Blood Drives
  • Simeon’s Joy Chapel Services (Kutztown Manor)
  • Participation in Local Parades
  • Support for Local Fifth Quarter Events
  • Athletic Fields for Community Clubs
  • Christmas Eve Candlelight Services
  • Local Benevolence Efforts
  • Servant Evangelism Projects

  • The Evans Home - Blessing Project: Sign up here

For more information contact about our Community Outreach Ministry, contact