Community Groups

There are many things a person can do alone, but being a follower of Christ is not one of them. That’s why we need to resist the temptation to fly solo and isolate ourselves from one another.

From the very beginning, God has wired us to be connected to each other. It’s part of who we are as human beings made in his image. God has revealed himself as the divine Three-in-One—a single, triune community of love, joy, connection, and mutuality.

Moreover, God has said it is not good for us to be alone. He made us to be in relationship with himself and with other people. Through the gospel of Jesus Christ, both are possible.

What Community Groups Are Currently Meeting?

What Are Community Groups?

  • A Community Group is a small group of 8-24 people who function as a family within the larger church family.
  • Community Groups are more than Bible studies or social programs to meet personal needs. They are small expressions of the church doing life and mission together.
  • Community Groups are gospel communities. This means they explore how the good news of Jesus alters our lives by reshaping our identity, our community, and our purpose in life.
  • Community Groups are a way of being the church instead of simply doing church. They help us connect our Sundays to our Mondays.
  • Community Groups are “wisdom laboratories” where deeper sharing and serving take place. As such, they can be risky, challenging, others-focused, and sometimes messy.
  • Community Groups are nevertheless fulfilling, exciting, discipling, Kingdom-building, and always worth the time and energy invested.
  • Community Groups seek to love God, love each other, and love our world. This, in fact, is the DNA of all Community Groups—gospel, community, and mission.

What Do Community Groups Look Like?

  • Although they share the same DNA, Commuity Groups come in different sizes, shapes, and flavors.
  • Some Community Groups may be comprised of only men or women. Some may be family groups that meet at someone’s house or at a restaurant.
  • Some Community Groups launch their discussions from the Sunday morning message. Using a sheet pre-prepared from the sermon, they ask, “How do we live out what we heard in the message?”
  • Some Community Groups might be geographically based, targeting a certain neighborhood or community for prayer and missional outreach.
  • Some Community Groups might have a few unbelievers in them. This is not only acceptable but desirable, as unbelievers can be loved for who they are and perhaps birthed into the kingdom of God.
  • Most Community Groups will meet in homes, though a few might meet on-site at Fleetwood Bible Church for certain reasons.

How Do Community Groups Work?

  • Groups typically meet once a week. Some meet once every other week. Most groups also meet at special times for special outreach projects.
  • There is time for God and his Word, either through a Bible study, a sermon discussion guide, or some other curriculum not just about the Bible, but about how to live biblically.
  • There is time for each other, learning to love, care for, and encourage group members as a family by meeting each other’s spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.
  • There is time for mission. Each group has a people to whom they are sent. This may be a local ministry or a segment of society that needs to know God’s love. Community Groups serve together on mission approximately once a month.

We live in a culture that prizes individualism—one that views community as something to consume rather than commit to. And let’s face it, community is not always easy. But when we remove ourselves from the center, and put Jesus at the center, community can be transforming.