fbcKIDS Worship

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Each Sunday morning, during the service times at 8:00 am and 10:30 am, children Age 3 through Grade 4 are invited to participate in a time of age-specific worship with their peers. This is a time of song, prayer, a Gospel-Centered lesson, games and other activities, separate from the adults in the Sanctuary.

Formerly known as Children's Church and Wee Worship, fbcKIDS Worship is a combined worship time with separated pre-school and grade school actvities (as staff is available.) Pre-schoolers must be potty trained. Special needs children are invited to join the group and "buddies" will be provided as available. (See our page Serving Families with Special Needs Children for additional information on services available.)

Children are welcome to remain in the fbcKIDS Space after Sunday School and transition directly to this time of worship without leaving the room (Room 201/202). Though parents have the option of taking their children to "big church" and then sending them out at the start of the sermon to be greeted by a security team member in the lobby and escorted to the fbcKIDS Space for the remainder of fbcKIDS Worship, they may miss some of the music and possibly part of the lesson designed for them. Parents then pick-up their children after the adult service has concluded. 

The first Sunday of every odd month (Jan, Mar, May, July, Sept, Nov) is a Communion Sunday. The order of the service is changed on these days and the sermon is located before the worship time (for adults.) If you would like your child to return to the Sanctuary to participate in communion with your family, please let the fbcKIDS Worship leader that day know and they will be dismissed to their families at the appropriate time. 

* Parental Guidelines for Children’s Communion

At Fleetwood Bible Church, we strive to uphold the authority of parents in the lives of their children, so parents decide when their children possess an appropriate understanding of the holiness and importance of Holy Communion.

Holy Communion is a covenant meal for believers—individuals who have committed their lives to Jesus Christ. True Christian believers can be old or young in age. If your child has personally repented of his/her sins, proclaimed that 

Jesus is the Lord and Master of his/her life, and understands that the bread and the cup represent Christ’s sacrifice in his/her place, you may feel free to allow them to partake in Holy Communion.