Adult Bible Teaching Classes

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At Fleetwood Bible Church, we believe that biblical understanding should support faithful living. Therefore, knowledge alone is not the goal of our Bible teaching classes. We study the Scriptures not simply for information but for transformation, and for the equipping of our families to live significant lives on mission with God in our communities, at work and the world with truth and love.

With an eye toward spiritual formation, some classes are organized around a book of the Bible, and some are centered on a theological topic. Regardless of the approach, our teachers lead with a high view of Scripture and in accordance with the church’s statement of faith.

ADULT Sunday School Classes

Adult Sunday School classes are formed each quarter around a Bible book study, a theological topic, or a practical need. Sunday school classes are held from 9:15 to 10:15 a.m.


Register for the coming semester by signing up on the Stone Ledge in the Lobby or here. on the FBC LINK online registration form.

You can find a detailed description for each class in the Fall quarter here.

Questions? Contact Jeff Schlaybach or Doug Ehrhardt for more information -


Special Seminars

From time to time, other studies and seminars are offered during the year, usually focusing on leadership development, practical ministry training, or some other topic of interest or need.